Welcome to Abbey Gardens, a community garden in West Ham
surrounding part of the ruins of a
12th century abbey.

There are free garden club sessions and new gardeners are always welcome. The garden is open to visitors from dawn till dusk.


In the garden:

  • August 28, 2014 4:00 pmGarden Club
  • August 30, 2014 10:00 amGarden Club
  • September 2, 2014 1:00 pmGarden Club
  • September 4, 2014 4:00 pmGarden Club
  • September 6, 2014 10:00 amGarden Club
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Is it an allotment?


“Is it an allotment?” It’s the question we’re asked most often by visitors and passers-by. It looks like one. We grow things that allotmenteers grow. But we garden together at our three free garden club sessions a week run by garden club leader Hamish Liddle. The beauty of that is that anyone can come along, from people who’ve never gardened before to keen gardeners, there are energetic and delicate things to do, people can give as much or as little time as they can spare – and it’s sociable gardening. We harvest what’s ready, to share and for our community events (we ask visitors respectfullly not to harvest outside garden club sessions but if you’re interested in our produce do come along to our events and visit the honesty stall).

If you’d like to get involved, come along to one of our garden club sessions: Saturday 10am-4pm, Tuesday 1pm-3pm or Thursday 4pm-7pm, ask for Hamish and fill out a form. Children must be accompanied by a parent or carer.

If you’d like to visit first, the garden is open daily from dawn ’til dusk or come to our Pumpkinfest on Saturday 27 September from 1pm-4pm, a free event for all ages.

Our “Ooh, look at that!” moments


Whatever you’re expecting from one of our gardening sessions, there’s always an “Ooh, look at that!” moment at some point. Today’s delights included tomatoes growing in a fan shape and biologist Marleen’s potato harvest uncovering a perfect section through a plant. So when we come and do some gardening, we take away more than our shared harvest, the pleasure of sociable gardening and the satisfaction of helping to make a lovely community space grow – we take a bit of knowledge home too.

Any Other Business


‘Any Other Business’. The extra bits of a meeting discussed at the end. Unless you’re at Abbey Gardens, when AOB quite often arrives at the beginning, with veteran innovator Charlie, in the form of an invention or an idea that he will explain at the end. Or in the middle, if there are any hesitations long enough.

This thing of upcycled marvellousness is a prototype watering device, turning waste plastic and clothing into a way to move water straight to the deepest part of a raised bed, where roots need it. Charlie and Luu are ready to test it. We’ll let you know how they get on.

Would you like gherkins with that?

bottled cucumbers_low

Food. It’s what brings the 20 plus nationalities gardening at Abbey Gardens together. A conversation by a veg, fruit or herb plant, discussion of the gardening session’s harvest – you’ll hear as many recipes as you see people. Gherkins, bottled with proper Czech know-how by Dasha, are back on the menu this year. We’re looking forward to them and there may be some on the honesty stall at our Pumpkin Fest on Saturday 27 September 1pm-4pm. If our garden volunteers haven’t got there first (they’re very good indeed)…

A nice cup of tea

Dasha's dried herbs

It’s thirsty work, gardening. Handy, then, that many of our herbs also make refreshing tea – and that they’ve had a great growing season. Dasha has been harvesting and drying to make blends for our Pumpkin Fest on 27 September (1pm-4pm). Pictured: camomile, milk thistle and mint. Come along and visit our lovely honesty stall.

Summer gardening update


Hamish, our garden club leader, will be taking a well earned Summer break so our garden club sessions from Saturday 19 July to Saturday 2 August will be informal gardening for regular volunteers, with a task list provided by Hamish. If you’d like to visit, do come and say hello – inductions for new gardeners will resume from the Tuesday 5 August session.


Pumpkin heads!

pumpkinhead_blog group

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stall today at the Mayor’s Newham Show!

We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge with our seed quiz and of course getting to be a PUMPKIN HEAD as part of Abbey Gardens Year of the Pumpkin!

In order to download your pumpkin head photo, please follow the instructions below and don’t forget to hold the date for our PUMPKINFEST – Saturday September 27th from 1pm-4pm at Abbey Gardens.

To download your PUMPKIN HEAD photo:

  1. Please visit the PUMPKIN HEAD flickr page -  https://www.flickr.com/groups/2635868@N25/
  2. Click on the photo you want to download
  3. In the bottom right of the screen, there will be a download button (arrow pointing downwards) or an options button (displayed as three dots) – click either one
  4. Select ‘view all sizes’
  5. Download the size you would like

Be a pumpkin head at the Mayor’s Newham Show on Sunday 13 July!


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin carving, pumpkin growing… If you’re so into pumpkins that you’ve pretty much turned into one by the end of the season (or you just fancy being photographed with a pumpkin on your head), then come along and be photographed as a pumpkin head at the Mayor’s Newham Show on Sunday 13 July 2014, Central Park London E6, from 1pm – 4pm in the Active Outdoors area.

Pose with our marvellous scenery, have your picture taken, go to this website for a link to our pumpkin head flickr page and you’re gourd to go! It’s all part of our Year of the Pumpkin so there’ll be another chance for a photo moment at our Pumpkinfest on 27 July 2014, 1pm-4pm at Abbey Gardens.

Extraordinary General Meeting 5 July 2pm


Notice of EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)
Friends of Abbey Gardens

Notice is hereby given of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Friends of Abbey Gardens on Saturday 5 July 2014 at 2pm in Abbey Gardens.


  1. Resolve to adopt the FOAG Charitable Incorporated Organisation’s (CIO) constitution
  2. Resolve to transfer the assets and undertakings of the unincorporated charity to the CIO
  3. Resolve to dissolve the unincorporated Charity.

Dated 19 June 2014
Friends of Abbey Gardens Trustees

TERRA visit to Abbey Gardens

On Saturday the 21st of June 2014, Abbey Gardens will be hosting app.20 visitors from five different cultural organisations. Guests will come from Spain, Italy, France and Germany as part of an adult learning exchange project called TERRA.

TERRA focusses on the exchange of informal learning practices in order to support local residents to become actively involved in making improvements to their local areas.

To find out more you can view the TERRA website here. The organisations who come to visit are: Land Kunst Leben (Germany), Abbey De Noirlac (France), Saline De Royale (France), Citema (Italy), Fundacion Santa Maria La Real (Spain).

The visit is organised by Andreas Lang and Torange Khonsari from public works.

Saline Royale
Images from the TERRA visit to Saline de Royale in France. (left) The Saline de Royale Heritage site. (middle) A cheese production cooperative producing the famous Compté cheese, (right) a green bridge in the Saline de Royal garden.