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Our Projects

Our ongoing projects in the garden

Organic Vegetable Farm


As a part of the Together for our Planet funding we have collaborated with Compost Mentis in the design, education and repurposing of our composting within the gardens. 

Abbey Gardens now has a refurbished accessible compost loo area which is open for the Spring cafes paying customers and the active members of our community. Compost mantis have also designed along with the community a new 3 bay system and rebuilding our larger compost heap. The aim of this project was to engage community members with the build and education around how important composting is and the benefits it can have to biodiversity. 

Growing plans

Our garden is currently structured around an installation of raised beds designed by the community back when the land was reclaimed in 2014. The current plots we have are used for community growing. The structures are currently made out of wood and despite all of our best efforts to continually fix them, they are disintegrating

rapidly. We plan to rebuild the beds so that the community can continue to grow and harvest together. As we are an open access garden, we believe having beds that don't look decayed will in still a stronger sense of responsibility in the gardens and help avoid vandalism in the future.


After receiving some capital funding along with funding from the National Lottery, we have begun to design a bee enclosure with Billy a community orientated architect in the area and Monika one of our long standing community members who will be managing the enclosure. The build includes repurposing three structures used for 'The Common Room' projects by 'Public Works' and using other repurposed materials to create the space.

Bees are vital for biodiversity and therefore an important part of creating healthy habitats within the garden and the wider area. This project is not only beneficial environmentally but provides an educational opportunity for those who live locally to learn a new skill in bee keeping.  

Building works

We are in the process of moving the shepards hut, creating a decking and awning to be built around Spring Cafe. This project is possible through Future for London Funding and we plan to grow on this by building some barn like structures to one day rent out and use as space for the community to learn and generate income together. 

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