Welcome to Abbey Gardens, a community garden in West Ham
surrounding part of the ruins of a
12th century abbey.

There are free garden club sessions and new gardeners are always welcome. The garden is open to visitors from dawn till dusk.


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Friends of Abbey Gardens News Letter – November 2007


Dear supporters of Abbey Gardens

Thank you to all who attended our BBQ in June as well as those of you who expressed interest in Abbey Gardens via our website.
It has been a bit quiet in Abbey Gardens over the summer. By mid July the Newham Council appointed landscape architect completed the feasibility study for Abbey Gardens which is being used to raise funds for the project and to gain approvals for further stages of work to be carried out.

The council initially secured part funding for the project, to cover excavations of the archaeological remains and subsequent works in order to preserve the remains for public display subject to English Heritage consent. The planned work also includes removal of the mound of soil and flattening of the site. Before any of this work can be done the council had to apply to English Heritage for permissions. Provided approval by English Heritage is granted the excavations are planned to be done by March next year. The council are planning to involve the local community and schools in the dig.

The council will have to apply for planning permission for the final scheme whilst these works are being carried out. Provided this is granted and after the English Heritage work is done, the council will then be able to finalise the plans and details for the site. Permission will again be required from English Heritage to proceed with the landscape proposals. It is hoped that funding and permissions can be secured to proceed with landscape works within the garden area before the end of march next year, but due to the legal protection given to the scheduled monument it is quite a long winded process and no guarantee can be given at this stage.

We will be producing this newsletter on a more regular basis now in order to keep everyone informed of the latest developments. Within the next few weeks we will also install an information display on the current fence of the garden. At the same time we would like to invite you to join the “Friends” group if you would like to be more actively involved in the work of the group. Please send us an e-mail back if you are interested. In any case we will soon organize a public meeting to which everyone will be invited.

We hope that this newsletter provided some useful information about the status of Abbey Gardens.
If you have any questions of comments please e-mail mail@abbeygardens.org.Thank you for reading this newsletter
Friends of Abbey Gardens

to download a pdf version of the newsletter please click here -> abbey-gardens-newsletter-01.pdf